Yorkies Kisses

Elizabeth B.
DOGG!T Bronze
Breeder of Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu

Meet The Breeder

We are a small hobby breeder dedicated to breeding, raising, training and exhibiting Yorkshire Terriers. We are located in Northeastern Indiana. I have been breeding for 24 years. We are a family full of neurodivergent individuals, which is one of the many reasons we adore the breed. They have such a wonderful caring, understanding and loving personality. We have 3 sons who work closely with our dogs. Our youngest son enjoys training and have started showing our up-and-coming pups. We are a family dedicated to our dogs. We put all our love and attention into raising the perfect puppy for you.


Price ranges reflect the full total including any deposit.

Pricing Information

The total price listed includes a breeder deposit and DOGG!T fees.  Once fees and deposit are collected, the puppy buyer and the breeder will be connected to communicate and get to know each other.  Growing a strong bond with a new puppy starts with a close relationship with the chosen breeder! The deposit is collected up front once the breeder approves the puppy buyer.  This means a puppy or future puppy from the breeder reserved! Deposits are refundable if the breeder does not have a puppy for the puppy buyer, or has unreserved a puppy.* The DOGG!T fees are also collected upfront and included in the final price.  Fees are transferable if the puppy buyer decides to go with another breeder.* We are committed to finding a puppy buyer the perfect breeder and puppy match.  Once the puppy buyer and breeder confirm Gotcha Day hand off, the remaining balance will be paid to the breeder directly or through DOGG!T payment services. Whichever the breeder prefers.* *See Terms and Conditions
$4,025 4,025 / puppy
$500 deposit

Health Clearances

Health Certification Icon ACVO Eye Exam
Health Certification Icon Degenerative Myelopathy
Health Certification Icon Temperament Test
Health Certification Icon Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Awards and Achievements

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GCH Grand Champion
DOGG!T Bronze
A DOGG!T Bronze breeder is someone who has attained verification of health tests on all Sire and Dams in their program. This indicates that the breeder has undergone the recommended health tests specified by their National Breed Club and verified by the DOGG!T team through the OFA and Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) databases. This achievement highlights their commitment to ensuring the well-being of puppies, promoting good health, and fostering happy, healthy dogs.